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Plan for success and reach for the stars!


As January arrives, we tend to begin to think about all the changes we want to make so that next year is better than the one just gone. We are full of good intentions, we make resolutions, we start exercise programmes and diets. Yet for some reason, all our good intentions tend to fade away and we find ourselves back in our own ways.

So how can we go about making ourselves more successful?

I have always been an organised person, and yet still I can struggle to achieve what I want. The reason for this is lack of goal setting. Until the last couple of years, I had never set myself a goal, and found I made very little progress in any area of my life. I had ideas but didn’t have the courage to follow them through, success was for other people.

Reading about goal setting and understanding my thought processes has made a significant difference to my mindset.  I can now set goals for my business, and for myself personally and have seen massive changes. My health has improved significantly, my energy is incredible, I am focussed, confident and motivated.

chimp paradox book

If you struggle with confidence and the ability to see that you are worthy of good things, can I make a suggestion? Reading a book such as The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steven Peters can help you make sense of how your brain works and give you simple actions to help overcome those nagging inner voices that stop you from doing things. I can honestly say that for me, reading this book has made a massive difference.

Goal setting is also key if you want to make changes and experience success in an area of your life. Simply saying I want to be healthier isn’t enough.

Firstly you need a motivation to make a change. For example: I want to have the energy to take my children on holiday in July.

Next, you need to really be clear about what healthier looks like to you. What would be different in your life if you were healthier, how would that benefit you and those around you? What in particular would you like to be able to do that you can’t do at the moment? Write these down.


I would have enough energy to go sightseeing and play in the pool without needing to have a sit down or go for a rest.

I would feel comfortable in my clothes and have the confidence to wear what I like.

Others would benefit as I would feel happier in my own body so I would not get as cross and frustrated with my loved ones. They would also benefit as I would have the energy to be truly present when I am with them.

Next write down things you have tried in the past and the barriers you experienced.


I have tried several different diets and found them too tricky, so I gave up.

I tried going to bed earlier but my partner gets grumpy with me.

Take time to think about these barriers and ways you can overcome them. What preparations can you make to ensure success?

This may involve menu planning, laying out exercise clothes the night before, asking for someone to look after the children/dog/ your parent or cook dinner one night a week so that you can do what you need to do. Putting things in your diary as a ’non-negotiable’ helps.

Getting others on board to support you and not sabotage your efforts is key. Take time to sit down and explain exactly what you are doing and why. Ask them to be supportive and explain what this looks like in reality. For example, a partner may treat you with a bar of chocolate regularly, explain that this is not helpful as you are trying to balance your energy levels, could they perhaps buy you a book or some flowers instead?

If you need to be going to bed earlier, explain why and talk to your partner or family about how this will benefit you and consequently them as you will have more energy and be less cross if you are getting enough sleep. Tell them exactly what you plan to do and stick to it. For example, “I shall be going up for a bath at 9, and getting ready for bed, so that I am asleep for 10. I can watch TV with you until 9, but after that I need to focus on my bedtime routine. This is important to me, and I need you to support me in this.”

Next break down your goal into little goals with actions. For example, if you want to run a half marathon but are not yet a runner, your goal wouldn’t be to run 13 miles. You would break this down, the first week might be to run one minute, walk one minute for ten minutes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. To make sure this happens, you might plan to set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier and have your clothes laid out the night before. Make sure you are in bed earlier too, so you are getting enough sleep. Make it achievable and celebrate your success!

Benjamin Franklin once said: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

I would rather say: plan and you will succeed!

It is always a good idea to keep track of your progress too. I suggest doing this by using a 1-10 scoring system. At the beginning when you are setting your goal, give it a score out of ten, then each week, re-score so that you can see your progress.

For example: To have enough energy to play football with the kids for 20 minutes.

Week 1: 1/10

Week 2: 3/10 etc.

Remember, some weeks will stay the same, progress is never liner, more of a scribbly line, but with clear goals and a positive mindset, you can achieve! Don’t let a setback stop you, regroup and begin from where you are. It is not failure, its something to learn from; what went wrong? What can you do differently to prevent this happening again? What do you need to change and how will you do it?

Now that you’ve taken the time to read this, go ahead and get yourself some lovely stationary, the perfect pen and start to make a plan for success, set those goals, and make 2024 a year to be proud of!

goal setting


If you would like some extra support to reach your health goals, get in touch. I use a combination of health coaching and nutritional therapy practices to help you to succeed. Reach for the stars, you can get there!

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