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12 weeks

Ultimate is the optimum programme which provides serious transformation, accountability and will hold your hand throughout to achieve results. We work together for twelve weeks, with weekly sessions to keep you on track and enable you to get the most out of your programme.

Here’s what you will learn during the 12 weeks of high-level 1:1 personalised nutrition and wellbeing coaching:

The secret to all-day energy and mental clarity.

Uncover how to overcome anxiety

Discover how to manage your stress so you can feel calm and confident.

Learn the secrets to a good night’s sleep.

Understand the role of digestion in your recovery

The simple way to get your nutrition back on track for optimum wellness.


You can expect:

  • Initial 90-minute health and lifestyle assessment

  • Three 45-minute follow up consultations, held monthly

  • Weekly progress reviews between consultations to keep you on track

  • Medication/supplement interaction review

  • Ongoing support between our calls

  • Personalised protocols to guarantee success

  • Personal health coaching to support new habits and food choices

Is Ultimate for me:

Ultimate is for clients who want to go from feeling sluggish, burnt out, anxious and foggy to energised and awesome!

This isn’t for you though if:

You’re someone who wants a quick fix without putting in the work.


You’re not 100% committed to making changes to guarantee you start living your best life again.


How is this program different?

Ultimate is not a one-size-fits-all program. No two people are the same! This is why Ultimate is customised to your symptoms and your needs.

What is the cost of this program?

The price of Ultimate is £785.

[payment plans available]

How do I apply?

Book a Health Review to secure a place on this programme.

Is Functional Testing included in this program?

No. Testing is charged separately.

Are supplements included in this program?

No. Any recommended supplements are available at a 10% discount.



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