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Success Stories

This is what my clients have to say 

"As a result of working with Melanie, I have experienced results that can, quite honestly, be categorised as life-changing." 

"Prior to my first consultation with Melanie, I was struggling with insomnia, unable to achieve a healthy weight and also experiencing problematic menopausal symptoms. I was exercising hard, restricting food and struggling with low moods as a result. 


Her calm and professional manner put me completely at ease. At the start I felt there was so much I had to unravel and relearn. We took things slowly and at my pace. Each session had clear take-aways for me to action. 

Over time, with Melanie’s support and prescribed guidance, I saw huge changes. My sleep patterns improved dramatically and thus so did my energy levels and overall ability to focus. With tweaks to my diet, I achieved a healthier sustainable weight. I’m now training to be a Yoga teacher, which would have been impossible before. 

I can absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend working with Melanie." 


Yoga Pose

It was like talking to a really empathetic and supportive but challenging friend!

"My health was dreadful - every 3/4 weeks I get a cold/ chest infection/ some kind of infection that makes me feel dreadful. I thought I was healthy - vegetarian since 16 and vegan for the last 9 years and no smoking or alcohol, my friends all said I was the healthiest eater they knew but meeting Melanie made me realise that definitely wasn't true and my eating habits were causing me to be ill.

It was like talking to a really empathetic and supportive but challenging friend! Very easy to talk to and had a questioning approach which led me to question and think. Nothing was out of bounds and it was a very honest discussion about my current lifestyle.

The importance of eating 3 proper meals a day and always having protein, fat, carbs lots of fruit and veg and being kind to myself with the time constraints.

Lots of really useful recipes as well. Losing weight for the first time in my life without dieting and feeling amazing - no afternoon slumps, sleeping much better and for the first time in my life being able to run for a hour without stopping.

But, and a big but, unlike the last 50 years, no chest infection in the autumn or spring and it's now 8 months and I have not had any infections - just a sickness bug that went away quickly.

I have already recommended lots of people to Melanie and told them simply an hour with her will change your life."

Rachel B, Doncaster

"I've honestly gained so much from these sessions"

"Before working with Melanie, my mental health and physical health was not in a good place and I thought it was purely down to my weight as I have been struggling with that for a few years. 

Aside from helping me start my weight loss journey, she helped me identify other health conditions I had just gotten used to and thought were normal, such as suffering from extreme IBS symptoms, anxiety and disturbed sleeping patterns, all of these I did not understand had such an impact on my life until they were addressed in these sessions.

I found the sessions extremely useful; Melanie was extremely patient and tailored every session to me and my needs, and every time I lost a little hope, after a chat, I felt motivated to carry on.

For anyone thinking of taking the next steps and working with Melanie, I would 100% recommend getting stuck in. I've honestly gained so much from these sessions and it's changed so many aspects of my life, I cannot thank her enough."


"I have lost weight, I have so much energy and feel so much better than I did twelve months ago."

"Before working with Melanie, my health was at a crossroads. I had suffered from Hypothyroidism for 10 years and was finding it increasingly difficult as I reached my late fifties to maintain my weight, eat healthily, cope with post-menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings and to also work in a demanding profession in full-time work. I was finding it confusing what to eat, and cooking healthy meals and consequently, I neglected my health in terms of nutrition. I knew that I had to do something to enable me to face my up-and-coming retirement and to get back to good health. I knew that nutrition was the way forward as I knew that I was not eating a healthily. I therefore began to look for a nutritionist that I felt could understand my dilemma and provide me with straight forward information to help me see a way forward.


Melanie listened to my story, making no judgements and provided me with empathetic understanding - something that I needed very much during this time. She was extremely professional at all times, she was organised, punctual with information she sent to me, a great listener and innovative with her ideas. We hit it off straight away and she was open to any questions and ideas that I brought to the table. It was very much her leading but I also felt that I could query and ask a range of questions to tailor the programme for me - she really put me at ease and explained things if I was unsure. Not once did she make me feel as though I lacked knowledge - she included me in all the decisions made. She was absolutely great. 


I came away from every session with increased knowledge about diet and nutrition and Melanie exceeded my ideas when we talked about eating for my hormones. This was the key element for me and my situation, and to be honest I have not looked back since.  I have lost weight, I have so much energy and feel so much better than I did twelve months ago.  I could not have done this without Melanie; I am so glad that I sought her out.


Thank you, Melanie - a really rewarding experience to work with you."

Lindsey B

"I never would have thought that amending your diet could make such drastic changes in how you’re feeling"

"I was getting migraines on a weekly basis and constantly fatigued. I was bloating constantly and had an irritable stomach. 


I’d been prescribed various tablets to try and mask my symptoms (try being the operative word as most didn’t work) but never actually got to the root cause of what was wrong. 

The best part about working with Melanie was finally feeling like someone was listening. I loved how Melanie seemed to genuinely care about how you were feeling and would go away, do extra research if she needed to, and then come up with an action plan with loads of advice on how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to something you might not be used to. 

I no longer have migraines or bloating and I have a sense that I understand what my body needs a little more! 


Before I started having sessions with Melanie I never would have thought that amending your diet could make such drastic changes in how you’re feeling. 

If you're wondering whether or not to work with Melanie - Do it! I only wish I’d found her sooner as she has helped make a drastic change in how I feel and thanks to her advice and tips it was an easy transition into my new diet so that it’s now just habit."

Anna C

"It is amazing what a difference she has made to my life."

"Before working with Melanie I had a number issues with my health - bloating, fatigue, bad skin, bad gut health, eczema, lack of get up and go, weight gain, sinus problems, headaches.
Melanie was absolutely amazing to work with. She has such a lovely demeanour and is very empathetic. She is a great listener and is so knowledgeable.
I have been working with Melanie since March, initially on a 12 week problem, and then continuing to work with her with regular catch ups which I really look forward to. It is amazing what a difference she had made to my life. She has helped me identify what foods to avoid and what to eat/drink more of and it has been a revelation. It hasn’t been easy, but she supports you all the way.
All of my previous symptoms have improved, I have lost weight, the bloating has disappeared and I feel more energetic. No more sinus issues/headaches and my skin feels so much better. My only regret is that I didn’t contact Melanie sooner."
Janine W

"My energy is sky high, I've no more bloating and I feel so much calmer!"

"I have suffered from CFS for several years and had reached a point where I felt my recovery was as good as it was ever going to be, which is far from how I felt before I was diagnosed.
I have worked with Melanie over a period of time and what a difference it has made!
We started by improving my diet, which I had thought was pretty good, but I found I needed to be eating differently to help my body to recover. We then worked on energy and how my body processes toxins. Fast forward and here I am, feeling so much more energetic! My energy is sky high, I have no more bloating, and I feel so much calmer."

"I can't recommend Melanie enough! Within a week of my first appointment, I felt like a different person with almost endless energy."

“I contacted Melanie because I was struggling to get through the day. i was constantly exhausted, sleeping really badly and was struggling with my digestion, especially reflux.
Melanie helped me to make changes to both my diet and lifestyle which have revolutionised my health. Gone is my 12 a day coffee habit, out with the processed food and in with the veggies! Oh my, what a difference it has made.
I can't recommend Melanie enough! Within a week of my first appointment I felt like a different person with almost endless energy.
Fast forward 12 months and I no longer need to take omeprazole, my sleep is so much better and I feel much less stressed."
Julie M

Commit to 12 weeks, and watch your life begin to transform.

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