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Achieve optimal wellness with Be Perfectly Nourished

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It is never too late to make changes to feel like yourself again

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 Nutritional therapy is entirely personalised to you, the client. A collaborative approach enables you to take an active role in your individual health journey on the basis of safe, realistic, and effective recommendations backed by the very latest research.


Nutritional therapy and lifestyle medicine is a science-driven, evidence-based, person-centred approach that works to address the root causes of ill-health

 Nutritional therapy takes account of the connections between all our body systems, from our stress response and hormones to our digestion and immune system. We all have different genetic make-up, react differently to the foods we eat, and make different lifestyle choices: there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

All aspects of your health history, diet and lifestyle are considered to identify key areas that may be impacting your health. Science-based evidence is used to explore the causes behind your body’s imbalances. Nutritional therapy supports the correction of the imbalances causing ill-health, rather than simply managing symptoms.

Where nutrient deficiencies are identified, supplements may be recommended. Functional testing may also be suggested to further explore the causes underlying your symptoms.

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Medical note

As a nutritional therapist and nutritionist, I do not provide medical treatment or diagnosis.

I work alongside mainstream medicine, communicating with other healthcare professionals, to provide you with an effective healthcare plan. Please do not delay any medical treatment because of anything you have read on this website.

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